Pledge Options


Through the CFC, donors have multiple options when it comes to making a pledge. You can choose your cause, select as many charities as you would like to support, and pledge both financial resources and volunteer time. You also have three choices on how to pledge: online or by using a paper pledge form.


The CFC offers a universal online pledge portal for all CFC donors worldwide at This one-stop, user-friendly, web-based giving system has many benefits, including:

  • Allowing you to establish an account to track your giving year-over-year;
  • Ability to access information during tax season; 
  • Watching your donation be distributed to the charities you chose; 
  • Easily select your office/unit from a set of drop down menus to ensure your donation is credited to the correct area;
  • Availibility of several pledge methods (payroll deduction, recurring credit/debit/ACH, or one time credit/debit/ACH);
  • Safely complete a pledge without worry of sharing your Personally Idenfiable Information (PII) on a paper form.

The open season for making an online pledge this year is Sept. 21st, 2020, through Jan. 15th, 2021.


OPTION 2: MObile App

Use the New CFC mobile App. Start by visiting your APP Store on your phone and search “CFC Giving” download the app and follow the instructions to create a profile and complete your pledge.  The mobile app is limited in giving options and at this time you can only make one time credit card or electronic checks/bank transfers.



Some donors may prefer to give using a traditional paper pledge form. If this is true for you, please ask your Keyworker for the 2020 form or print your own. Federal employees can choose from payroll deduction, writing a check, or pledging volunteer hours. Federal retirees can choose an allotment from their annuity or writing a check. Once completed, submit it to your Keyworker or Campaign Manager/Coordinator. Be sure to turn in your completed form as soon as possible to allow time for mailing to the centralized processing center and for processing your pledge.